Address: Zafer Factory Street, Turkey

it is corporate logo of ozan food truck.OZAN ​​FASTFOOD TRUCK has been operating in the field of manufacturing and marketing of fastfood trucks, food trailers, shipping container restaurants and social service vehicles since 1995.

With the 25 years industry experience, we offer the most efficient and quality projects in keeping with your dreams, request and wishes. Our main goal is our customers. We design our industrial projects in customer’s satisfying way. Because we believe happy customer is the best reference.

Our company has been a guarantee of providing experience, validity and reliability to its customers since its establishment.

Our company, acting with the principle of being a reliable institution, keeps its production and service quality at the highest level in order to make this principle a corporate culture.


What We Do


Fastfood Container, Food Trucks, Fully Automatic Food Trucks, Simulation FastFood trucks, soap trucks, shipping container restaurants, social service trucks

The main working principle of our company is based on meeting the expectations and needs of our customers without compromising business ethics and honesty.




It is the first and preferred institution that provides added value to its customers and employees, reaches large audiences with the fasfood tools we manufacture, aware of its social responsibility, loyal to its values, reliability and customer-oriented service approach.




To provide our customers with products and services related to fasfood vehicles, exceeding expectations every time without sacrificing quality and ethical values.