Address: Zafer Factory Street, Turkey 42100

Ozan Food Truck

Leading Custom Food Truck Manufacturer

Ozan Food Truck has been operating in the field of manufacturing and marketing food truck and cafe truck since 1995.  We manufacture full automatic food truck, custom food truck, multi-functional food truck, food trailer, food van, cafe truck and customer specific projects.

Exclusive Projects

Container Restaurant and Cafe Manufacturer

OZAN ​​Food Truck manufactures custom container restaurant and container cafe projects with ISO - CE verified equipments and in high quality. We has undersigned to many projects with its experienced and technical personnel in the manufacturing process of more than 25 years. Our aims to increase this number with our employees without sacrificing quality in the future.

What We Do?

Full Automatic Food Truck, Custom Food Truck,Food Trailer, Food Van ,Mobile Cafe, Mobile Bar, Cafe Truck, Container Restaurant, Container Cafe, Concept Truck and Customer Specific Projects

Every Food Truck is Precious for Owner

Let's Build Your Customer Food Truck Project Together to Make It Unique.

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